Euroqualification Center AD is part of the group of Personnel Holding AD. As of 2007 the Euroqualification center provides services related to:

  • Organizing, delivering and certifying vocational training;
  • Soft skills training such as team working, customer care, conflict management, train the trainers;
  • Creation of Information Centres, vocational guidance and career development;
  • Participation in national and international European programs.

So far, Euroqualification center has a track record of over 4000 people successfully completed vocational training courses in different Bulgarian cities.

The Euroqualification center is licensed by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training (NAVET) to provide trainings in an extensive number of professions and subjects in almost every economic area. Thus, we are able to meet specific needs and ensure quality in staff development processes.

The company has built strong cooperation with national institutions and local authorities and its experts participate in various workgroups on topics related to the development of national legislation, qualification framework, lifelong learning strategy etc.


Euroqualification center AD is headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria and has a wide national coverage through its regional network of representations in Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas and Russe

The team of Euroqualification center is composed of 5 highly experienced professionals in the field of education and vocational training management. The center also collaborates with over 30 external professional trainers specialized in various areas of expertise.

The center owns four modern class rooms with full technical equipment and a total capacity of 270 people. Euroqualification center also provides its services via its own e-learning platform, methodologies and educational materials.

Experience in project management:

Euroqualification center has extensive experience in implementation of various European funded projects in the field of vocational training and qualification. Some of the projects completed by the center are:

  • Project “Updating and broadening the professional competences of basic groups of personnel”, ESF-2012-02-07002 and ESF 2012-05-03002
  • Project “Professional integration of unemployed people through qualification and job integration in the tourism sector”, ESF-1109-06-16002
  • Project “New Job”, OPHR BG051PO001-1.1.13-0399
  • Project “Successful start for youth professional realization”, OPHR BG051PO001-1.1.13-0304

The center also works in close relations with public bodies and a number of NGOs to provide training and qualification services for unemployed and different groups in risk. The Euroqualification center has implemented a number of projects under the National Plan for Employment:

  • Project “Professional Realization I”, 2011
  • Project “Professional Realization II”, 2012
  • Project “Professionals”, 2013
  • Project “Compass”, 2014

Euroqualification JSC


1618 Sofia

Krasno Selo municipality

Kniaginia Klementina 39 street

Phone: (02) 952 25 31 / 818 9774

Fax: (02) 954 59 22