The Dutch Foundation of Innovation Welfare 2 Work (DFOIW2W) is an independent, non-profit organisation which supports professionals (e.g. European partners/institutes, municipalities, councils, provinces, governments,  employment agencies, training providers, non-profit organisations) and citizens in the fields of (youth) employment, job matching & mobility, traineeship, education, income, social inclusion, social security, social innovation, welfare, entrepreneurship, and quality of life.

Our goal is to set up partnerships and platforms for innovative good practices in our fields of specialism, developing digital information for citizens and professionals about employment strategies, legislation and regulation, the social map of the Netherlands and other countries (e.g. Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Croatia, Romania, Belgium, Bulgaria, United States of America, Australia, South Africa, etc.). Social innovation is one of our priorities.

DFOIW2W works on international projects and national projects as well as local assignments with young jobseekers, young entrepreneurs, employers & governmental bodies.

Some of our projects are:

  • Research and development, testing new concepts in the fields of education and  employment, income and care (such as Work First e.g. Activity Model, Self-employment, work placements, internships, traineeships, and social media marketing for social and welfare  to work services and/or individuals, etc.)
  • Transferring mobilities and knowhow of employment strategies in European context (e.g. ESF, Leonardo da Vinci, People to the Labour Market (PLM), Transfer of Innovation (TOI), Youth in Action, Youth on the Move, Your first EURES job (YfEj) and Erasmus+ (KA1, KA2 and KA3), etc.
  • Preparation, formulating, writing, implementing, coordinating and Supporting in submitting (European) tenders, also in a regional context, support in implementing new legislation and supervision for (European) subsidy applications.
  • Developing risk analyses in the fields of project management and regarding the re-entering of the jobsmarket.
  • Supervising co-operative efforts, supporting (local) governments and businesses in setting up small-scale business space projects in collaboration with business networks.
  • Implementation and operationalization of instruments and tools for quality improvement and internal auditing.
  • Accounting for budgets and policy scenarios for activation of job seekers.
  • Setting up the policy regarding (local) labour market policy
  • Setting up a (policy regarding)  business network.
  • Providing training and coaching for (international) managers, entrepreneurs, employers  and employees.
  • Providing workplacements, apprenticeships, traineeships and internships for students, (young)  jobseekers & (young) entrepreneurs.

DFOIW2W is heavily involved in European job mobility projects, such as Lifelong Learning programme  Leonardo da Vinci /People to the Labour Market, Erasmus+ KA1 and ESF / Integration durch Austausch as a Dutch host organisation, providing work placements for young jobseekers. The projects Jobdestination Airport, From Work to Work (EU Good Practice)  and Journey to Work 1, Journey to Work 2, Event Berlin  and Jobdestionation Europe are some of our most successful projects. Another Good Practice is the project Linking Education & Business (LEB – ), a Leonardo da Vinci Partnership, which involves young students from secondary school and aims to connect them with the world of work trough work placements abroad and help them discover the entrepreneurial part of working life. A digital book about the gap between the worlds of work and education (ISBN 978-90-824055-0-7 / NUR 100) has ben one of the outstanding results (Best Paper Award, August 13-14 2015, Yogjakarta, Indonesia). The Erasmus+ project Transnational Business Groups (TBG – )  is a similar project which focuses on the entrepreneurial spirit of students of secondary schools through an entrepreneurial educational framework. The LLL LdV PLM projects From Work to Work and Erasmus+ KA1 programme ‘Journey to Work’ (FW2W & J2W – both of them can be followed through the twitter account @FromWork2Work ) is tailormade and built around NEETs and recent graduates. We have been involved in implementing the Your first EURES job (YfEj ) preparatory action of the EC as well. DFOIW2W was responsible for Job placements and workplacements through the whole of the EU as regards to YfEj.

The DFOIW2W has coordinated the ambitious and very successful Way 2 Learn 2 Work partnership (W2L2W- ). A national context with facts and figures about the legal framework of the education and welfare to work system is given of each country of the W2L2W partnership and Top Best practices of each country are given as well e.g. the Netherlands, Belgium, Scotland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Croatia and Romania). The DFOIW2W also supports jobseekers with their EGuide Guidance System. E Guide Apps ( ) is a tool to increase the sustainability of our work with service users, to reach more long term solutions in the planning and actions we take, ensuring they are firmly based on skills and interests of the service users. By using the EGUIDE platform & Peer Mentors, we will achieve a more effective process, as each adviser – before even meeting a service user – has a complete profile which will facilitate their further cooperation. This avoids mismatches in career and educational choices. The project ensures that ICT-based tools are be put into practice in accordance with the common European Priority and that it will also be disseminated within the group of service users, so they also reap the benefits of ICT. ICT is essential in today’s European

society, whether you apply for a job or in everyday life for trying to contact authorities and stay in touch with people. The NETME-In project ( ) is also a good example of the digital society. This European project, recently started, is focused on building a safe digital identity for the young jobseeker.

All team members of DFOIW2W are highly experienced with working with (young) entrepreneurs, (recent) graduates  and unemployed (young) people aiming and contributing on a place at the labour market..

website: here