A Job Club is a voluntary self-help group that helps job seekers expand their network of contacts and provide support to learn job hunting techniques. The job-seeking process is strengthened by belonging to a group – rejection is shared, success is celebrated, and often the search for a job is shortened. In a Job Club people meet regularly to talk about job searches and career advancements with the goal of supporting the success of all members. Looking for work and exploring labor market challenges are made easier when people are not alone. Job clubs are rooted in the belief that each member has something valuable to contribute and that everyone benefits from the advice and encouragement from the diverse group dynamic. The Job Club Network EU project provides the basic tools to get NEETs started and keep young people motivated along the way. The Job Club materials offer advices in order to form the group and manage the agenda, including specific discussion topics to help facilitate learning processes and actions among participants.

How it works

  • Create a Job Club or join an existing Job Club, searching on the map in this website.
  • If you want to create a new Job Club, send us a mail, and we will put a flag to inform the world that you want to start a Club and you are looking for partners. The other clubbers will contact you via email, and you decide together where, how and when to start your Job Club
  • Download the Job Club package: it contains all the topics and exercises for your Job Club
  • Do the Job Club e-game. You will learn how to get better in looking for a job.
  • Organize and run the Job Club sessions following the Job Club Manual
  • At the end, please fill our survey online Questionnaire (we will send you the link via email)