The JC_NETWORK project seeks to provide young unemployed people who stopped working or any educational activity for at least 6 months and are still not able to find a new job or a new training experience. In terms of expected results to be achieved during and after the completion of the project, the partnership plans to:

  • Reduce youth unemployment rates in involved countries and thus contribute to social inclusion, being two key goals in the Europe 2020 Strategy;
  • Improve the setting up of informal JC groups where peer young people and meet and develop transversal skills such as communication, time management and goal-oriented entrepreneurial spirit;
  • Boost employability capacities of unemployed people by committing them to a long-term strategy search;
  • Enhance cross-border cooperation amongst youth organisations and local and regional authorities for the development of strategies targeting the youth needs;
  • Birth of a brand new European network of JCs working together while promoting the take-up of an innovative best practice as the Job Club experience.
  • Improve the use of OER and open IT tools targeted at Youth, also as Europe 2020 Strategy asks.
  • Provide local authorities and private employment centres with an innovative and free approach that can easily complement their activities.


JC Material

You can find JC Handbook and the JC Package