The coordinator will be monitoring the implementation of the project activities in coordination with each partner. Internal deadlines and reports are to be set to ensure an on-time delivery of results. In terms of activities, the number of organisations willing to undertake the JC activities and that are outside the partnership represents a quantitative result that is fundamental for the sustainability of JC experience and the transfer of best practices at European level.

Concerning the indicators of achievements, they will be organized in a logical framework matrix to be approved at the kick-off meeting. Qualitative indicators to be used are:

  • Achievement of all objectives set up by the project
  • Implementation of planned activities in the foreseen time of reference with respect of internal and official deadlines
  • Accomplishment with the call priorities and contributions provided to the Europe 2020 Strategy initiatives, in particular Youth of the Move
  • Delivery of planned outputs by all partners in line with gantt chart
  • Setting up of 4 JCs per country with the support of youth organisations and local authorities
  • Effective organization of 4 multiplier events in the second part of the project
  • Performance of the beneficiaries at the career counseling tools before and after their participation to the project

In terms of quantitative indicators, they will be as follows:

  • Number of downloads of the JC package
  • Number of downloads of the Handbook
  • Number of youth organisations registred (for free) on the forum and using project facilities
  • Number of end-users downloading the e-game
  • Number of visits of the JC websites
  • Number of young people answering the evaluation questionnaires at the end of the JC group experience for feedbacks
  • Number of press releases and articles in each partner country
  • Number of participants attending the final conference/multiplier event
  • Number of young people that changed their employment status after the completion of the training activities and to which direction
  • Number of stakeholders to be involved following dissemination activities and the new collaborations arising from this common project and signing the Memorandum of Understanding.